RUSSELL CUP 2016 Teams and Draw located in the draw section. All games to be played at Pukemarama No.1 ground.



The club was formed in 1890 by J.G. Wilson, Later Sir James, who organized polo games on the same ground in Bulls that the club later purchased and still owns today.

Stopped only through the two wars and the depression, the club has continued to compete at all levels around New Zealand over the last 122 years, winning the prestigious Savile Cup 6 times, as well as having the club name engraved on many other trophies.

For generations polo, not just in Rangitikei but throughout New Zealand, has been mainly supported by large families with a history in the sport. However more recently the sport has seen a surge in new interest both within those families but also from people who have never played before.

Home to 3 international professional players, the Rangitikei is still competitive at the highest level of New Zealand polo, recently winning the Savile Cup in 2010 with a team consisting of Gary Vickers, Glenn Sherriff, Cam McKelvie and Angus McKelvie.

Rangitikei hosts on average about 3 tournaments a year. The Russell cup is Rangitikei’s own tournament. It is played every year and is well supported by surrounding clubs. The club has also recently picked up the Wellington/Wairarappa Cup as that club has closed. We also host some national tournaments that move around the country.



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