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Wellington/Wairarapa Results 2013 - Denbigh Cup

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Denbigh cup 2013

Rangitikei only had 1 full team in the Denbigh this year however most of the other teams consisited of at least two of our members. First up for the day was the low goal whch Kevin Schimanski played in. There was 3 teams that played a round robin over two days. Kevy found top form and ripped it up but unfortunately it was not enough to beat a Birchleigh team at the top of their game.

The first of the 4 goal matches was between Palace lodge (Adam Haworth, Nathan Schimanski, Ollie Jones and Simon MacDonald) and Wanstead (Robbie Hunter, Andy Waldrom, Danni Watson and Drydon Power). Unfortunately for Wanstead it was not their day as they were put away by 8 goals to a half. Palace lodge going through to the final.

The second match was between Rangitikei (Campbell Davis, David Bird, Brad Beatson and Ben McKelvie) and Te Ngaio (Brian Grant, Hannah Fitzpatrick, Jess Andrews and Dave Miller). This game was to be a close affair of which the winner would go through to the final. the first goal however came in the form of a glorious neck shot from David Bird. A reply came quickly though from a fired up Brian Grant who 'schooled' Brad Beatson near side and stick side to score the goal of the tournament. Two more goals were scored but meh. The score remained 2 - 2 1/2 until the 3rd chukka when Jess Andrews met a hit in and scored to give Te Ngaio the lead and Ultimately the win by half a goal.

The Handicap final was to be played between Rangitikei and Wanstead. My intense hangover and lack of sleep has not helped my memory but I think I scored from the first lineout and then probably Mr B scored another one. I think Wanstead scored a few early in the second to level it up and then in the fourth I drilled a few penalties to put the game to bed, which is where I'm sure most of the two teams wanted to be.

The final between Te Ngaio and Palace Lodge had a different feel to it entirely. The game started with Te Ngaio taking early advantage of a Palace lodge team slow of the mark. Some good runs to goal by Jess Andrews gave Te Ngaio early opportunities but altough the approach shots were good the goal shots were not. This allowed Palace lodge to come right back into the game through a few field goals and a few penalties. With Palcae Lodge 2 down going into the final chukka the pressure was on and they responded buy scoring mid way though. However it was too little too late. Te Ngaio taking out the 2013 Denbigh Cup by a goal.


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