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Wellington/Wairarapa Results 2013 - Kihikihi 2013

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Kihikihi Finals day


Plate final - Rangitikei A vs Kihikihi. Kihikihi withdrew last minute. Rangitikei A win.

Rangitikei made the Handicap final against Wanstead B (Tim Simcox, Lucas Simcox, Danni Watson and Barrett Watson) and won. Unfortunately I did not get to see the match but heard Rangitikei were firmly in control of proceedings.

Kihikihi day 3

first up today was the plate semi final between Rangitikei A and Wanstead A (Andy Waldrom, Nick Coddington, Robbie Hunter and Drydon Power) the game got off to a fast start with Sam Duncan scoring 5 goals in the first chukka making the match a very one sided affair. The abundance of Rangitikei goals allowed for the reintroduction of the flying obtuse triangle, a back line move Similar to the infamous 'flying wedge'. Moves such as this have Rangitikei a much needed win.

Next was the handicap semi final between Rangitikei B and Waimai (David Bird, Travis Awburn, Richard Seavill and Steve Parrott) this game went much the same as the first. Rangitikei were dominant throughout although struggled to covert their shots into goals. But with the amount of time Rangitikei spent on attack the goals were bound to come, and they did, 6 of them before Waimai could mount a reply. Their reply fame in the form of two goals late in the fourth chukka. It was not enough to have any effect on the outcome. Rangitikei B running out the winners 6-2.

Kihikihi day 2

After the annual Kihikihi mid tournament draw draw change the day was to start with a 4 chukka match between Rangitikei B and Waimai (David Bird, Richard Seavill, Travis Awburn and Steve Parrott) instead of the planned round robin. Rangitikei got of to a slow start conceding a goal early on but as the game wore on the got into their work and grinded out what was a well deserved win and a place in the handicap semi finals.

Rangitikei A did not fair so well in their game against Wanstead B (Tim Simcox, Lucas Simcox, Danni Watson and Barrett Watson) The match was entirely dominated by the whistle, dampening Rangitikei's efforts on attack. With Barrett Watson strong-arming the ball over the back line from half way it was only a matter of time before Wanstead would start converting their abundance of penalties. Rangitikei's 3 goals scored in the first chukka were not enough to save them from eventual defeat, going down 6-4.

Kihikihi day 1

The day started with Rangitikei B (Brad Beatson, Harri James, Adam Haworth and Angus McKelvie) playing South Island colts (Henry wood, Brodie Ratcliffe, Ash Reader and Henry Askin) Rangitikei got off to a good start, scoring first. SI were quick to reply with two quick goals. Late in the second Rangitikei replyed drawing even. A goal a piece in the 3rd chukka put them even into the fourth. The score was still even at the end of the final chukka forcing a golden goal playoff. The 5th chukka was even throughout with both teams giving away little in the way of goal scoring opportunities. It was SI colts however who eventually got the last day at the end of the 5th, scoring to win the game.

Rangitikei A was next up (Douglas Duncan, Sam Duncan, Mark Duncan and Ben McKelvie) against Morning star (Ellen Morgenstern, Wayne Hundley, Will Hunt and Nick Keyte). Morning star started the scoring in the late in the first and continued in the second putting two more between the posts before Rangitikei could mount a reply with Mark Duncan scoring early in the 3rd. Although there were many shots on goal Rangitikei couldn't seem to sink any. A late goal in the 4th by Ben McKelvie was not enough to save the game. Rangitikei losing 4-2.





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