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Wellington/Wairarapa Results 2013 - Barrett Deardon Memorial

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Barrett Deardon Memorial

Wanstead's Barrett Deardon Memorial got off to a great start for all 4 of the Rangitikei teams that attended. Starting on Friday the tournament was to run for 2 days and had great weather throughout. The first game on Friday was a 0 goal match played between Rangitikei D (David Bird, Jess Andrews, Harri James and Ben McKelvie) and Wanstead's -4 goal team. Wanstead started well scoring first to add to their handicap lead of 3 1/2. Fortunately that was where the scoring stopped for Wanstead and is where it started for Rangitikei, running out the the expected winners 12 goals to 4 1/2.

Rangitikei C (Adam Haworth, Brad Beatson, Tom Lamacraft and Campbell Davis) was next up playing in a round robin against Wanstead's 3 goal team and Poverty Bay's 6 goal team. Wanstead made a good start to the first chukka scoring two quick goals. Rangitikei replyed with one of their own late in the first. it wasnt until the last two minutes of the second chukka that Rangitikei found some ball and put it between the posts to win the game 3-2. The next two chukkas against Poverty bay were not quite as successfull for Rangitikei, being outplayed by a strong 6 goal Poverty Bay side. The 1 goal handicap start was not enough to save them. Rangitikei losing the game 4-1 putting them into the handicap final.

Rangitikei B (Douglas Duncan, Mark Duncan, Nathan Schimanski and Cam McKelvie) also started their tournament well against Wanstead's 6 goal team. With the score remaining even throughout the game a strong 3rd and 4th chukkas saw Rangitikei run out the eventual winners, putting them through to the 6 goal final.

Rangitikei's A team (Sam Duncan, Glenn Sherriff, Angus McKelvie and Will Lucas) topped off a good day by winning the first day of their two day match up against Wanstead A. (Lochie Hunter, Simon McDonald, Aaron Vowels and Dave Miller) Solid play by Rangitikei and a good 16 goal debut By 1 goal player Sam Duncan saw Rangitikei finish the first day with a 2 goal advantage.

The second day started for Rangitikei C with another round robin to decide the winners of the handicap section. The first two chukkas between the wanstead 6 goal team and the Wanstead 3 goal team ended in a draw, putting the pressure on Rangitikei to come up with the goods. Rangitikei had the best possible start against the Wanstead 6 goal team, scoreing 2 goals in the first and 1 early in the second. This plus their 1 goal handicap advantage saw them 4 up midway through the second chukka. Wanstead then came back strong scoring two quick goals but it was not enought to roll Rangitikei's high flying 3 goal team. The next 2 chukkas against the wanstead 3 goal team proved to be a much harder task with neither team scoring till late in the second. Eventually it was Rangitikei who ran out the winners 1-0  and took out the 6 goal handicap cup.

Next up was the final of the 0 goal between Rangitikei D and Wanstead (Andy Waldrom, Robbie Hunter, Teddy Kuru and Tim Simcox) an extremely poor attempt at a backhand by Ben Mckelvie saw Wanstead strike first early in the first chukka but A good come back buy Rangitikei saw them take the lead, which they did not give up. Rangitikei running out the winners of the 0 goal by 1 1/2 goals.

The Hope of another Rangitikei whitewash was finally crushed as Rangitikei B lost to Poverty Bay A (Casey Mullaney, Cody Clark, Glenn Armstrong and Andy Moore) in the final of the 6 goal. Although a close game Poverty Bay was too diciplined and too well organised, running out the eventual winners.

The final game of the day was part two of the 16 goal final. Rangitikei started the game the same way they had finished it the day before. A fast and furious game was had on a field that was starting to show its wear from the large amount of polo played on it earlier in the tournament. The odd random bounce of the ball was not enough to slow either team down and some of the best polo Central Districts has seen this season commenced. Rangitikei proved to be too strong however, never really giving Wanstead a chance to come back from the previous days deficit, running out the winners of the 2013 Barrett Deardon Memorial 19-12.

Most valuable player- Glenn Sherriff

Most promising player- Adam Haworth


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