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Wellington/Wairarapa Results 2013

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Wellington/Wairarapa Results 2013
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Finals day.

-3 gaol section Final

Wanstead C -       VS      Wanstead D -


0 Goal intermediate Final.

Rangitikei C - 3    VS    Rangitikei E - 7


8 Goal senior section Wellington wairarapa cup final.

Rangitikei B - 5    VS    Wanstead B - 6 (extra time)

Royal A&P Show day.


It wasn't a very nice day for polo so it was a good thing that Manfeild park in Feilding had a good sized arena for us to use for our promo match up. The two teams to compete were the Green Crocodiles (Glenn Sherriff, Sam Duncan and Adam Haworth) and the Red Barons (Angus McKelvie, Mark duncan and Lottie Lamacraft). The match was officiated by our esteemed professional umpire Tom Lambshanks. Despite the poor weather conditions the crowd slowly turned up and started to get into the game even if the Red Barons were getting beaten rather convincingly. Other that some moments of individual brilliance from the Barons the Crocs eventually rompt home 9-3.


Skene Cup day 1


Rangitikei A beat Wanstead.

Rangitikei B beat Cam Waugh Livestock

Kihikihi beat Poverty Bay

The semi finals start at 1pm on Saturday. Rangitikei A vs Poverty Bay and Rangitikei B vs Kihikihi. Cam Waugh Livestock will play Wanstead in the semi final of the Kirkpatrick cup at 3pm. The low goal will start at 12pm.



Russell cup day 1

The day started with the low goal round robin between Birchleigh (Victoria Muir, Phoebe Win-lewis, Brad Beatson and Richard Kettle) Poverty Bay (Laura Clarke, Kevin Schimanski, James Baillie and ) and Rangitikei C (Harry Bird, Emma Hinton, Neil Lawrence and Glenn Sherriff) the conclusion of which was to be played on the Sunday.

Next was the first of the two 4 goal matches between Hawkes Bay (Ben McKelvie, Ollie Jones, Doug Duncan and Neville Clarke) and Rangitikei A (Brian Grant, Adam Haworth, David Bird and Angus McKelvie) the game got off to a fast start and stayed that way for most of the game. The score remained even also with both teams going goal for goal for the entire match. it wasnt untill the final few minutes of the 4th chukka that the gap between the teams showed with Angus McKelvie stepping it up a gear to score two quick goals to seal the win and a spot in the final.

the final game of the day was played between Rangitikei B (Harriet James, Sam Duncan, Mark Duncan and Cam McKelvie) and Wanstead (Robbie Hunter, Campbell Davis, Brad Beatson and Nick Coddington). It was all go from the first lineout as Sam Duncan took the ball and cut his way towards goal unfortunatey leaving the ball inches from the line, giving Brad Beatson the opportunity to clear. Eventually Rangitikei was able to score and then score again from another Sam Duncan lineout run. A good 3rd chukka from Wanstead kept them in the game which would eventually go down to the wire. With a half goal advantage in the 4th Rangitikei was forced to defend by a desperate Wanstead team. Unfortunately for Wanstead missed goal shots were to be their undoing, going down by half a goal.

Russell Cup Day 2

Finals day started with the conclusion to the low goal round robin. Poverty Bay needed to win only one of the games to take out the Schimanski Trophy and they did it first up with a win against Birchleigh. James Baillie decided to take matters on to his own hands and put the tournament beyond doubt by scoring the goals required to down a spirited Bircheligh side.

The handicap section was to be played between Hawkes Bay and Wanstead. Hawkes Bays habbit of a fast start continued today with two quick goals in the from Douglas Duncan and Nevillle Clarke. The scoring continued for Hawkes Bay and not so much for Wanstead, scoring only 1 goal in the second. Hawkes Bay ran out the winning the match 6-1 1/2.

The final was bound to be a close game and it was exactly that. Although the game started slowly it certainly gained momentum. By  mid way through the 4rd chukka the score was 5-3, Rangitikei B with the lead. But in what would turn out to be a defining moment in the match, Cam Mckelvie was forced from the field after splitting open his hand after being hit with a mallet. After a few running repairs he returned to the field but the stoppage in play seemed to have swung the momentum of play in favor of Rangitikei A. Angus McKelvie was able to score 2 quick goals and with only 11 seconds left on the clock Sam Duncan fouled in front of his own goal in an attempt to stop Angus McKelvie from scoring. The umpires awarded a 30yard shot at goal which Angus converted to win the game and the Russell cup for 2013.



Denbigh cup 2013

Rangitikei only had 1 full team in the Denbigh this year however most of the other teams consisited of at least two of our members. First up for the day was the low goal whch Kevin Schimanski played in. There was 3 teams that played a round robin over two days. Kevy found top form and ripped it up but unfortunately it was not enough to beat a Birchleigh team at the top of their game.

The first of the 4 goal matches was between Palace lodge (Adam Haworth, Nathan Schimanski, Ollie Jones and Simon MacDonald) and Wanstead (Robbie Hunter, Andy Waldrom, Danni Watson and Drydon Power). Unfortunately for Wanstead it was not their day as they were put away by 8 goals to a half. Palace lodge going through to the final.

The second match was between Rangitikei (Campbell Davis, David Bird, Brad Beatson and Ben McKelvie) and Te Ngaio (Brian Grant, Hannah Fitzpatrick, Jess Andrews and Dave Miller). This game was to be a close affair of which the winner would go through to the final. the first goal however came in the form of a glorious neck shot from David Bird. A reply came quickly though from a fired up Brian Grant who 'schooled' Brad Beatson near side and stick side to score the goal of the tournament. Two more goals were scored but meh. The score remained 2 - 2 1/2 until the 3rd chukka when Jess Andrews met a hit in and scored to give Te Ngaio the lead and Ultimately the win by half a goal.

The Handicap final was to be played between Rangitikei and Wanstead. My intense hangover and lack of sleep has not helped my memory but I think I scored from the first lineout and then probably Mr B scored another one. I think Wanstead scored a few early in the second to level it up and then in the fourth I drilled a few penalties to put the game to bed, which is where I'm sure most of the two teams wanted to be.

The final between Te Ngaio and Palace Lodge had a different feel to it entirely. The game started with Te Ngaio taking early advantage of a Palace lodge team slow of the mark. Some good runs to goal by Jess Andrews gave Te Ngaio early opportunities but altough the approach shots were good the goal shots were not. This allowed Palace lodge to come right back into the game through a few field goals and a few penalties. With Palcae Lodge 2 down going into the final chukka the pressure was on and they responded buy scoring mid way though. However it was too little too late. Te Ngaio taking out the 2013 Denbigh Cup by a goal.




Kihikihi Finals day


Plate final - Rangitikei A vs Kihikihi. Kihikihi withdrew last minute. Rangitikei A win.

Rangitikei made the Handicap final against Wanstead B (Tim Simcox, Lucas Simcox, Danni Watson and Barrett Watson) and won. Unfortunately I did not get to see the match but heard Rangitikei were firmly in control of proceedings.

Kihikihi day 3

first up today was the plate semi final between Rangitikei A and Wanstead A (Andy Waldrom, Nick Coddington, Robbie Hunter and Drydon Power) the game got off to a fast start with Sam Duncan scoring 5 goals in the first chukka making the match a very one sided affair. The abundance of Rangitikei goals allowed for the reintroduction of the flying obtuse triangle, a back line move Similar to the infamous 'flying wedge'. Moves such as this have Rangitikei a much needed win.

Next was the handicap semi final between Rangitikei B and Waimai (David Bird, Travis Awburn, Richard Seavill and Steve Parrott) this game went much the same as the first. Rangitikei were dominant throughout although struggled to covert their shots into goals. But with the amount of time Rangitikei spent on attack the goals were bound to come, and they did, 6 of them before Waimai could mount a reply. Their reply fame in the form of two goals late in the fourth chukka. It was not enough to have any effect on the outcome. Rangitikei B running out the winners 6-2.

Kihikihi day 2

After the annual Kihikihi mid tournament draw draw change the day was to start with a 4 chukka match between Rangitikei B and Waimai (David Bird, Richard Seavill, Travis Awburn and Steve Parrott) instead of the planned round robin. Rangitikei got of to a slow start conceding a goal early on but as the game wore on the got into their work and grinded out what was a well deserved win and a place in the handicap semi finals.

Rangitikei A did not fair so well in their game against Wanstead B (Tim Simcox, Lucas Simcox, Danni Watson and Barrett Watson) The match was entirely dominated by the whistle, dampening Rangitikei's efforts on attack. With Barrett Watson strong-arming the ball over the back line from half way it was only a matter of time before Wanstead would start converting their abundance of penalties. Rangitikei's 3 goals scored in the first chukka were not enough to save them from eventual defeat, going down 6-4.

Kihikihi day 1

The day started with Rangitikei B (Brad Beatson, Harri James, Adam Haworth and Angus McKelvie) playing South Island colts (Henry wood, Brodie Ratcliffe, Ash Reader and Henry Askin) Rangitikei got off to a good start, scoring first. SI were quick to reply with two quick goals. Late in the second Rangitikei replyed drawing even. A goal a piece in the 3rd chukka put them even into the fourth. The score was still even at the end of the final chukka forcing a golden goal playoff. The 5th chukka was even throughout with both teams giving away little in the way of goal scoring opportunities. It was SI colts however who eventually got the last day at the end of the 5th, scoring to win the game.

Rangitikei A was next up (Douglas Duncan, Sam Duncan, Mark Duncan and Ben McKelvie) against Morning star (Ellen Morgenstern, Wayne Hundley, Will Hunt and Nick Keyte). Morning star started the scoring in the late in the first and continued in the second putting two more between the posts before Rangitikei could mount a reply with Mark Duncan scoring early in the 3rd. Although there were many shots on goal Rangitikei couldn't seem to sink any. A late goal in the 4th by Ben McKelvie was not enough to save the game. Rangitikei losing 4-2.





Blenheim 6 goal final day.

The game started well for Rangitikei scoring first in what was to be a very close encounter. Williams Service center then came back strong on fresh horses to level up. From that moment on it was goal for goal. Every time one team scored the other answered right back. With the scores level at 5 goals a piece heading into the fourth chukka it was anyone's game. As soon as the ball was rolled in it became clear the toll the weeks play had had on Rangitikei, having to defend five 60 yard attempts on goal. With a five attempts successfully defended Rangitikei managed one last attempt on goal from a 5b. This close but unsuccessful attempt left the scores level at the firs bell but with 10 seconds left the defenses finally fell and Williams Service center scored a goal earning them a well deserved win.

Blenheim 6 goal day 2
Day two saw Rangitikei playing Burnett Electrical (Bridget De Barre, Cath Calder, Alan Calder and Matt O'Sullivan). The game started well for Rangitikei and never stopped. With goals to everyone, Rangitikei ran out the winners 11-3. We now play William's Service Center (Bryoney Taylor, Sam Martin, Alex Rowland Jones and Ollie Tuthill) in the final tomorrow.

Blenheim 6 goal day 1
after a intense morning of Christchurch v Blenheim 0 goal polo it was eventually time for Rangitikei (Jess Andrews, Brian Grant, Will Lucas and Ben McKelvie) to take the field. First up in the round robin match was Rangitikei (Lawson's dry hills) vs Reader fishing (Jack Holloway, Scott Higginson, Guy Higginson and Graham Higginson) Rangitikei started slow and was down 3-1 by the end of the first chukka but better work in the line outs and a few cleaner back hands saw Jess and Brains slot a couple of quick goals. The game eventually finishing 4-3 to Rangitikei. Next we played King Contracting (Ashley MacKenzie, Andrew Florence, Garth MacKenzie and James Meyer) who we beat in two chukkas 6-0.


Savile Cup Day 6 (Finals day)
Rangitikei C was the only team play today in the final of the Riddiford and Levin Cup. The opposition was Wanstead C (Danni Watson, Lucas Simcox, Hugo White and Dan Coddington) a team they have played twice the week before. The game got off to the best start for Rangitikei, scoring in the first minute of play. The score remained the same until the last minute of the second chukka where a mistake off the back line from Rangitikei saw wanstead score the equalizer. Rangitikei scored again in the 3rd and Wanstead answered straight back. With the scores at 2-2 with less than two minutes to play in the final chukka it was anyone's game but Rangitikei was making all the right moves. Eventually it came down to a mistake off Dan Coddington's backline hit in saw Adam Haworth capitalize and hammer the final nail into wanstead's coffin. Rangitikei taking home the silverware!


Savile Cup Day 5
Day 5 started with the continuation of the Rangitikei B vs Mystery Creek game that had been rescheduled from the previous day. With only two chukkas left in the match Rangitikei had to start strong, which they did starting with a quick early goal. Rangitikei finished the 4th chukka 1 up but midway through the 5th the wheels fell of and Mystery Creek found themselves unmarked and they pounced on their opportunities scoring 2 quick goals. With less than a minute on the clock Rangitikei piled on the pressure but the it was too little too late. Rangitikei losing the semi final and eliminated from the tournament.
The A team finally had a win against a KihiKihi team in the last game if their tournament. The horses seemed a little quicker off the mark today and the passes were finally hitting their targets.

Savile Cup Day 4
The hopes and dreams of a high flying Rangitikei D team were crushed today as Auckland D (Sam Wyburn, Dan Worker, Michael McPhearson and Tony Van Der Brink) beat them 4-2. The game was close for the first 3 chukkas with the scores staying at 2-1. It was the fourth chukka in which Auckland did the damage. Rangitikei turn all their focus on attack to get the two goals required to win the game. However missed shots at goal and some unlucky bounces saw Auckland run in two break away goals. A late penalty conversion by myself was not enough. The McKenzie Salvar will be leaving the Rangitikei.
Next up was Rangitikei C vs Wanstead C (Dani Watson, Hugo White, Lucas Simcox and Dan Coddington) unfortunately the before the game could start the rain began to fall the game was abandoned. The result was not required as both teams will meeting the final on Sunday.
Rangitikei B's game against Mystery Creek (Tanya Lavas, James Sheppard, Nick Keyte and Matt Bailey) was running an hour behind schedule but eventually play got under way. However halfway through the first chukka the rain began to fall and scared the pants off Mystery Creek Team. By the end of the second chukka the score was 2-2 and the rain had stopped but the nervous Mystery Creek team decided to leave the field. The game was to be delayed for half an hour to alow the ground to dry. As the sun beamed down the game was called on but Mystery Creek refused to take the field and the game was rescheduled to tomorrow. The Rangitikei team is probably still on the field waiting for the ball to be rolled in.

Savile Cup Day 3
Only the A team playing today against Waimai (Baden Broughton, Tommy Wilson, Craig Wilson and Simon Bennett). Unfortunately a good nights sleep and a bit of quality steak at the Duncan's BBq was not enough to get the team gelling. The plans were in place but once again the execution was lacking. Waimai taking the lead halfway through the first half and never gave it up. Rangitikei went down by 3 goals.

Savile Cup Day 2.
Day 2 started with Rangitikei D (Harri James, David Bird, Jess Andrews and Ben McKelvie) playing Wanstead (Robbie Hunter, Tim Simcox, Andy and Stein) for a place in the semi final of the 0 goal. I opened the scoring with some sweet ball movement and the next 3 chukkas were completely dominated by Rangitikei. Up 6-0 going into the fourth chukka we seemed to fall asleep and allow Robbie Hunter to run in two goals. We managed to hold on and ran out the winners 6-2, booking a place in the semi final on Friday.
Rangitikei C was next up against Auckland C (Mark Rushton, Alex Richardson, Toby Pitts, Justin Watson) Once again I was not able to watch this game and escaped all grooming duties. Luckily Brad Beatson And Adam Haworth were both available to give me an update on their game. Campbell Davis once again had a good game, scoring two good goals as well as Adam Haworth. A well structured game from Tom Lamacraft and strong defensive play from Brad Beatson saw them run out the winners 4-2.
After their heavy loss the day before Rangitikei B needed a big win against Kihikihi (Chloe Kay, Stephen Kay, Paul Kay and Edward Kay) to keep them in the tournament. By the time I arrived mid way through the 3rd chukka scores were even but they did not stay that way for long. Yesterday's team seemed to have disappeared and been replaced by a team that resembled a well oiled machine. Douglas Duncan hit good form making some great carries at speed. Mark Duncan showed great control under pressure and Nathan And Cam Kept the back door firmly shut. Balls that were missed yesterday were hit well and missing goals was no longer a factor. Rangitikei C running out the winners by 5 goals. Keeping them in this tournament... Just.
Tragedy struck this afternoon as Rangitikei A slumped to a disappointing 14-11 loss to Morning star.

Savile Cup Day 1
First up on day 1 Rangitikei B (Douglas Duncan, Mark Duncan, Cam McKelvie and Nathan Schimanski) played Mystery Creek C (Tanya Lavas, Matt Bayley, Nick Keyte and James Sheppard) Unfortunately I did not get to see the game however by all accounts things did not go according to plan. the final score pretty much sums it up. 7-3 in favour of Mystery Creek C. Not a great start for Rangitikei.
Rangitikei C (Brad Beatson, Adam Haworth, Campbell Davis and Tom Lamacraft) was next, up against tough opposition Hololio Farm (Rae poole, Clyde McLean, Henry Jones and Nick Jones) I arrived halfway through this match and Rangitikei was a goal down 4-3. the score remained the same for the next two chukkas with Hololio putting on all the pressure. Rangitikei managed to hold tough and in the last 2 minutes of the game Campbell Davis made a break away and put the ball between the posts, tieing the game 4-4. Rangitikei had a chance to win the game in the final seconds of the match but unfortunately Campbell's last attempt on goal was waved wide. The final result a draw. 4-4.



Barrett Deardon Memorial

Wanstead's Barrett Deardon Memorial got off to a great start for all 4 of the Rangitikei teams that attended. Starting on Friday the tournament was to run for 2 days and had great weather throughout. The first game on Friday was a 0 goal match played between Rangitikei D (David Bird, Jess Andrews, Harri James and Ben McKelvie) and Wanstead's -4 goal team. Wanstead started well scoring first to add to their handicap lead of 3 1/2. Fortunately that was where the scoring stopped for Wanstead and is where it started for Rangitikei, running out the the expected winners 12 goals to 4 1/2.

Rangitikei C (Adam Haworth, Brad Beatson, Tom Lamacraft and Campbell Davis) was next up playing in a round robin against Wanstead's 3 goal team and Poverty Bay's 6 goal team. Wanstead made a good start to the first chukka scoring two quick goals. Rangitikei replyed with one of their own late in the first. it wasnt until the last two minutes of the second chukka that Rangitikei found some ball and put it between the posts to win the game 3-2. The next two chukkas against Poverty bay were not quite as successfull for Rangitikei, being outplayed by a strong 6 goal Poverty Bay side. The 1 goal handicap start was not enough to save them. Rangitikei losing the game 4-1 putting them into the handicap final.

Rangitikei B (Douglas Duncan, Mark Duncan, Nathan Schimanski and Cam McKelvie) also started their tournament well against Wanstead's 6 goal team. With the score remaining even throughout the game a strong 3rd and 4th chukkas saw Rangitikei run out the eventual winners, putting them through to the 6 goal final.

Rangitikei's A team (Sam Duncan, Glenn Sherriff, Angus McKelvie and Will Lucas) topped off a good day by winning the first day of their two day match up against Wanstead A. (Lochie Hunter, Simon McDonald, Aaron Vowels and Dave Miller) Solid play by Rangitikei and a good 16 goal debut By 1 goal player Sam Duncan saw Rangitikei finish the first day with a 2 goal advantage.

The second day started for Rangitikei C with another round robin to decide the winners of the handicap section. The first two chukkas between the wanstead 6 goal team and the Wanstead 3 goal team ended in a draw, putting the pressure on Rangitikei to come up with the goods. Rangitikei had the best possible start against the Wanstead 6 goal team, scoreing 2 goals in the first and 1 early in the second. This plus their 1 goal handicap advantage saw them 4 up midway through the second chukka. Wanstead then came back strong scoring two quick goals but it was not enought to roll Rangitikei's high flying 3 goal team. The next 2 chukkas against the wanstead 3 goal team proved to be a much harder task with neither team scoring till late in the second. Eventually it was Rangitikei who ran out the winners 1-0  and took out the 6 goal handicap cup.

Next up was the final of the 0 goal between Rangitikei D and Wanstead (Andy Waldrom, Robbie Hunter, Teddy Kuru and Tim Simcox) an extremely poor attempt at a backhand by Ben Mckelvie saw Wanstead strike first early in the first chukka but A good come back buy Rangitikei saw them take the lead, which they did not give up. Rangitikei running out the winners of the 0 goal by 1 1/2 goals.

The Hope of another Rangitikei whitewash was finally crushed as Rangitikei B lost to Poverty Bay A (Casey Mullaney, Cody Clark, Glenn Armstrong and Andy Moore) in the final of the 6 goal. Although a close game Poverty Bay was too diciplined and too well organised, running out the eventual winners.

The final game of the day was part two of the 16 goal final. Rangitikei started the game the same way they had finished it the day before. A fast and furious game was had on a field that was starting to show its wear from the large amount of polo played on it earlier in the tournament. The odd random bounce of the ball was not enough to slow either team down and some of the best polo Central Districts has seen this season commenced. Rangitikei proved to be too strong however, never really giving Wanstead a chance to come back from the previous days deficit, running out the winners of the 2013 Barrett Deardon Memorial 19-12.

Most valuable player- Glenn Sherriff

Most promising player- Adam Haworth


Rangitikei Open Day

The Rangitikei Polo club 2013 open day was held on Sunday the 6th of January in conjunction with the Spud memorial tournament. The day started well with many pony club members turning up to take part in the polo school run by the polo club members. A special thanks here to Harri James for organizing this event. After a great display of beginners polo the tournament games commenced. The final was played between white team (Will lucas, Jess Andrews, Brad Beatson, Brian Grant) and blue team (Glenn Sherriff, Steve Beatson, Harriet James, Adam Haworth). The game was highly contested the whole way through with white team heading in to Hal time with the lead. However a strong surge in the final two chukkas saw blue run out the winners by a goal. A special thanks to Harri James and Glenn Sherriff for organizing the tournament and also to BJ McKelvie for sponsoring the tournament named after his faithfull stead.



Gisborne 8 Goal

Rangitikei made both the Open final and the Handicap finals at Gisborne last weekend. Rangitikei A consisting of Angus McKelvie, Tom Lamacraft, Brad Beatson and Paul Kirkpatrick lost on the Friday to Cambridge by only half a goal putting them allowing them into the semi finals on Saturday. they then went on to play Wanstead flight center in the semi final who beat them in extra time. Rangitikei A then lost the Handicap final to Wanstead Duke of Ed.

Rangitikei B, consisting of Will Lucas, Steve Beatson, Jess Andrews and Ben McKelvie, started the tournament well by beating Wanstead Duke of Ed by 1 goal on Friday putting them through to play Cambrige in the semi finals. Rangitikei B kept on its winning way in the semi finals by beating Cambrige by 2 goals putting them through to the final. Although a close game, Rangitikei B could not keep up its winning ways beaten by a classy Wanstead Flight center team.

We now look forward to our open day this Saturday. You are invited!



2013 Deardon and Savile Cup teams.

16 goal

Sam Duncan

Glenn Sherriff

Angus McKelvie

Will Lucas

6 Goal

Douglas Duncan

Mark Duncan

Nathan Schimanski

Cam McKelvie

3 Goal

Adam Haworth

Brad Beatson

Campbell Davis

Tom Lamacraft

0 Goal

David Bird

Harri James

Jess Andrews

Ben McKelvie


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